Hey there!

I’m Michelle Hart, and I’m so excited to share a little about my family and our connection to the wonderful community of Brunswick, Georgia. I’m happily married to my husband, Chris, and we’re the proud parents of our adorable daughter, Ellie.

Growing up in Brunswick has been a blessing, and now, raising our daughter in the same close-knit community surrounded by family and friends is truly special. It’s a place we cherish and call home.

The inspiration for SSI Storks, our stork sign rental business for new baby announcements, came from a dear friend, and I instantly fell in love with the idea. Looking back to when Ellie was born in 2021, I wished we had a stork sign to celebrate her arrival!

With SSI Storks, I’m on a mission to bring joy to families as they welcome their newest members with our adorable birth announcement signs. I believe in creating memories that will be cherished forever in the heart of the Golden Isles of Georgia. Let’s celebrate the magic of new beginnings together! 🌟👶🎉

Personalized Celebrations: Stork Joy for Grandparents, Sibling Stars, and Pet Keepsakes

Celebrate the joy of becoming grandparents in a unique and heartwarming way with SSI Storks. Our birth announcement sign rental service not only welcomes the newest family member but also brings smiles to proud grandparents. Picture the delight on their faces when they see a stork sign proudly standing in the yard, announcing the arrival of their precious grandchild. The stork bundle can be personalized with the baby’s name, birthdate, weight, and height, creating a special keepsake for the grandparents to cherish. It’s a thoughtful and charming way to share the excitement of the new addition to the family.

For older siblings eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby brother or sister, SSI Storks offers personalized sibling star signs. These stars shine just as brightly as the anticipation in the eyes of older siblings. The signs feature the name of the proud sibling, making them feel like a star in the celebration. As an extra touch, these star signs become cherished keepsakes for the siblings to treasure long after the stork has flown away. And because the family includes our four-legged friends, SSI Storks also offers personalized Dog Bone and Cat signs to include pets in the celebration. These signs add a touch of whimsy to the announcement and, like the star signs, become treasured mementos for the entire family.